What the Founders Taught Us

About the Disease of Addiction:

1. Addiction is a primary disease that is a brain disorder. Addiction is not a symptom of something else.

2. Addiction negatively impacts the user’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

3. Even for those who are abstinent even for long periods of time it is not safe to return to using.

About Recovery from Addiction:

1. Recovery is a lifelong process built one day at a time.

2. People do get well, even though for some, multiple episodes of treatment are necessary.

3. A comprehensive understanding of the nature of addiction as a brain disorder improves the outcome of lasting recovery for the individual.

4. Long term sobriety and other positive outcomes are more predictable when the recovering person involves his or her self in a recovery maintenance program such as Alcoholics Anonymous or other similar sober support or 12-step based programs.

5. A measure of effective treatment is the successful integration of the newly recovering person into the 12 Step recovery community.

6. Recovery requires one to abstain from alcohol or other drug use and then to address the negative impact the disease had on their social, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual development and growth.

7. Addiction and it’s progression not only impacts the user’s life but also the individuals who make up the systems of which he or she is a part such as family, for this reason family and helpers benefit from counseling and support programs such and Al-Anon.

8. Well intended individuals who do not understand alcohol and other drug addiction as a progressive neurological brain disease can sometimes do more harm than good when trying to assist the user, members of his or her family, coworkers or friends.

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